Georgiana Musat

– film critic, Scena 9, Films in Frame

Following a BA in Film Directing and a million questions about what will become of my life after college, I started writing. Despite receiving encouragements, I permanently felt like a sort of impostor.

In my mind, at that moment, nothing made my writing about film legitimate, so for almost two years I thought of this master progam as a saint who will lift me up from ignorance. The Film Studies Master helped me build up a bit of self-esteem – with solid theoretical bases, along with (especially!) warm-hearted professors with whom you can talk for hours about film and beyond them. Finally, I cannot guarantee that Film Studies will irredeemably change your vision on films; however, it will help you see that there are more sides of the same glass that you’ve been staring at for such a long time.

film critic, Scena 9, Films in Frame

Alex Mircioi

– film critic, Acoperisul de Sticla, Aarc

I think many people will be reticent before applying to a master program in a less lucrative area of the film industry.

I think so because I was like this myself. Yet I was surprised that the experience was pretty different and helped considerably to settle the information acquired in college. The courses were more detailed and specific, the fact that we were three-four people with a common interest lead to more satisfying discussions, and at the end of the two years I acquired the self-confidence to actually work in the industry, even if this means only criticism. Which is really important, from my point of view. Generally, by the way, at the beginning of the journey, I think the confidence if one’s own ability is what holds us back. And certainly, the Film Studies master helped me quite a lot in this direction.

film critic, Acoperisul de Sticla, Aarc