Screenwriting MA

The Masters Program addresses those who wish to deepen their knowledge of screenwriting, both theoretically and practically. Over the course of two academic years, the students go through the history of screenwriting, the specificity of writing for film and the different angles of analyzing a screenplay.

The MA also has a strong practical component. Classes combine theory and practice, allowing students to familiarize themselves with various narrative structures, experiment with film genres, analyze possibilities of literary adaptation and explore television and VOD formats (series, mini-series etc.).

During the program, the mentorship system used in the BA program is replaced with a script doctoring system, where teachers guide the student-authors towards finding their personal theme, style and storytelling tools. The students undergo a process similar to the one used in professional screenwriting, where writers usually work with script doctors during story development. The script doctors help ease the sometimes bumpy and lonely road from a short synopsis to a final draft. Therefore, by the end of each university year, students can include in their portfolio at least one feature film script.     

Throughout the two years, the students also meet and work with professors, consultants and screenwriters who are not part of the academic system, script theorists and internationally acclaimed practitioners. The MA aims at familiarizing the students with the role, context and possibilities of taking on their future profession. We believe the diversity of perspectives that the Masters Program offers is the best way to help them step into a future screenwriting career.

More details on the Screenwriting Masters Program can be found here.