Film Studies MA

The MA in Film Studies at the National University of Film and Theatre in Bucharest is the only Romanian-language graduate program focused on cinema & media studies.

The program is 4 semesters-long and at the end of the MA studies the students are expected to write an original research paper.

Designed around the most recent trends in the study of cinema and contemporary visual media, it provides the theoretical tools required for analysing films in connection to film traditions and beyond. By situating film in a rigorous historical perspective and in light of its philosophical substrata, the program aims to develop the necessary skills in understanding an ever more complex mediascape.

Studying in a vocational institution such as the National University of Film and Theatre ensures a lively, dynamic and interdisciplinary environment, fostering a creative interaction between scientific research and praxis.

The courses are meant to approach film from a variety of theoretical and thematical perspectives, by taking into account the aesthetics of cinema (“The Film Canon: Debates and Revisions” – Andrei Gorzo, “Film Form” – Irina Trocan), questions concerning the sociology of cinema (“Cinephilia in the streaming era” – Andrei Gorzo), historical contextualisation (“Romanian film during the Socialist era” – Gabriela Filippi) and its philosophical implications (“Media Philosophy” – Christian Ferencz-Flatz).

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